Moving on to Orchard and Maybe Even Writing Some More

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some of you (it was probably just me) may have notices that my site has been down for about three months. Actually I didn’t care too much at the time as I was head deep in a project that really pretty much kept me awfully busy.

Well, I finally got around to fixing my site and in the process of doing that, I also upgraded the site to the Orchard Project.

I know, I am breaking the first rule blogging when I say this; but here it goes… I’m back!

No. No. I shouldn’t say that, so ignore that last sentence.

I do want to say this though. I plan to broaden my site to more than just posts about programming and Dot Net coding. This will give me more opportunities to write posts and more opportunities to share with you my experiences. I actually want to start out by writing a few posts about my experiences upgrading my site to Orchard. So you may see a few posts like that in the upcoming week.

I have also been in working in a SCRUM, Agile methodology for over a year now, so I think that now there is a lot to share, good and bad, in that area as well.

I want to write some about Social Media. You may have noticed that I am a big fan of Twitter. My wife is an even bigger fan. We have actually met quite a few people (some now are even quite close friends now) in person through that site and I think sharing our experiences with this would be fun to write about.

I still will be writing mostly about coding, since that is where my ultimate passion lies. I have learned a lot since my last post. I have since deployed two MVC 3 and Razor apps, written a few jQuery plugins and have learned some knew enterprise tools such as SiteCore for content management. I’ve even taken a stab writing some simple Windows Phone Apps, although I got say, still a lot to learn on that technology. There’s also HTML5 and CSS3 to write about and what this means to web developers; so I don’t think I’ll be running out of topics in programming any time soon.

So stay tuned and keep in touch, and happy coding.

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