Microsoft TechEd 2010 - Its All About the Cloud

Monday, June 7, 2010

I had the chance to see the Microsoft Teched Keynote today mainly presented by Bob Muglia, and unlike previous TechEd keynotes I have attended--actually I have only attended one in 2007--it was all business and no fluff. No side celebrities to some lame skit this time around. There were no earth shattering announcements made today although today they made a major push to go to the cloud which I thought was pretty interesting.

The main drive of the keynote was all about cloud computing. It was the overall theme that pretty much drove the whole keynote address. Each topic that was presented somehow tied back to the cloud. As a matter of fact, one of the demos was of an application that allowed user to be authenticated and recognized by a website via Active Directory profiles without that user actually having to be on the premises where that website is hosted. This was done by hosting the Activity Directory profiles in the cloud via Azure. Seems a pretty scary thing to do, but Muglia emphases as one of his points that the emphasis of this drive was that it was secure.

Muglia announced today that Visual Studio 2010, will now have the capabilities to develop applications specifically for Azure. From within Visual Studio you can specify things like how big your virtual environment will be, and you will be able to deploy directly to Azure with tracing of the deployment provided.

Other announcements that were made that:

  • The AppFabric plug in for IIS 7 is now available in RTM. This will allow IT to better manage deployments, diagnose and monitor WCF services, and provide a more flexible and scalable caching alternative to the current ASP.Net caching.
  • Windows Server R2 SP1 and Windows 7 SP1 will be available in July.
  • A new version of Windows Communicator will be available which will provide better conferencing (including video) as well as a "big brother" function that will analyze a user mail and other data and determine what skill-sets they have so someone in the company can search on that skill-set and give you a ring if you have it.  Sounds a bit scary to me.
  • Full development capability for the Windows 7 Phone will be able to be done in Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight. This is a good sign that Microsoft still wants to be in the phone market although I think they still have a ways to go if they want catch up to the iPhone. Seems they are going after the business phone market.
  • Windows 9 will have full support of HTML 5 and have graphics acceleration for faster graphics rendering of a web page.
  • The new version of Web Expressions was released to day and it includes a Super Preview to compare what you design pages in to different browser versions such as IE 6, 7, 8, Firefox, and new with this release is Safari on the Mac. Yes you can now test Mac versions of Safari with needing a Mac. By they way, you can also do it on

There a few other announcement but those were the ones as a web developer that interested me. I will try and update the blog with other stuff I learn through out this week so stay in touched.


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